About Us

What make Gone Sailing different -What makes Gone Sailing different from other yacht sailing charters in San Diego?  Our customer services!  Its simply the best!  We take pride in serving others and we make sure your comfortable and safe.  Plus, the open water and inner coastal sailing makes our adventures breath taking.  Gone Sailing is proud to be the only open water yacht chartering service in Mission Bay operating at the Hyatt Regency Spa and Marina Hotel.

The Vision – To inspire, educate and share our passion for open water and coastal sailing.

The Mission – To set the sails and guide our yacht charters into costal adventures, creating an open water sailing experience in San Diego that brings to life the romance of the wind and sea.

The Experience – We would like our cruisers to leave feeling they danced with the elements of the wind and sea.

Owner and Captain

Don Marchi

A retired US Naval Engineer, Machinist Mate First Class (Surface Warfare Specialist).  During his Navy career, he excelled in organization, management and team building.  He is a 4.0 sailor who thrives on learning  and experiencing new adventures.

Don Marchi retired from U.S. Navy service in 1995 after completing six deployments, earned 2 Navy Achievement Medals and a Unit Citation, and  recommendations to be appointment to a commission.

As a civilian, Don Marchi’s professional dreams were focused on software development. After (3) years of study, he earned his degree in Computer Information Science at Coleman University in San Diego, CA.  Don Marchi’s software career was rewarding and let him create his dream of owning a Yacht chartering service.

Captain Don Marchi shares the romance and dance between the wind and the sea with the cruisers on Gone Sailing Charters. Captain Don Marchi enjoys sharing his free time with his kids and a loving wife Cristina here in San Diego, CA.

Captain Don Marchi and Gone Sailing Charters work with many CEO’s, young professionals, thrill seekers, active professionals and sailing students who are passionate about sailing and want to experience the elements at sea.

Director, Business Development

Bernice Holguin 

Bernice fell head over heels in love with San Diego while visiting a friend several years ago.  Once she was exposed to the ocean, she knew that she had to be close to it.  So, she packed up her family and moved to San Diego and hasn’t looked back since.

Captain Don took her on her first sailing adventure, and she was instantly hooked! 

Bernice now wants to share the sailing experience with everyone and loves to see people having a great time, relaxing and simply letting their worries be put away while at sea.

Bernice has a long background in providing exceptional customer service.  She’s owned and operated a successful Real Estate brokerage firm and has performed as an event planner with an exclusive Golf Course.

For Bernice, customer service is the top priority.

She is excited to be Gone Sailings Director, Business Development and looks forward to hosting events at sea!

Our mission

To set set the sails and guide our yacht charters into coastal adventures, creating an open water sailing experience in San Diego that brings to life the romance of the wind and sea.

Our yacht chartering services include sunset sails, team building and sailing activities, private yacht charters and overnight adventures to Santa Catalina Island.

What makes Gone Sailing Charters unique?  Gone Sailing Charter services include open water and near coastal sailing where most other yacht charter services in San Diego focus on sailing the bay.  Gone Sailing Charters is the only open water Yacht Chartering Service in Mission Bay.

We look forward to serving you on your next sailing adventure.

What To Expect