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Cruisers Weekend Journey

Sailing Adventures to Santa Catalina Island or Your Dream Sail

Private Charter Starting at:

Enjoy a Weekend Sailboat Adventure

Picture yourself walking down a dock to a sailboat as the skipper. You have the knowledge and confidence to take command of Venere, a 42-foot sailboat for an amazing time on the water. You’ve dreamed about this day and now it’s here!

Spend a day or more on board this beautiful Catalina 42 Mk2 sailing vessel with you at the helm and enjoy the wonders of true freedom. Sail with an ASA 105/106 Certification or with a certified captain on the coastal waters of Southern California. Anchor out for the day or set a course to Santa Catalina Island… It’s your adventure!

Or just stay at the dock and enjoy the Hyatt Regency Spa and Marina Hotel facilities. Or a little of both!

Gone Sailing will make this happen for you!

Note: When booking online, our Weekend Journeys typically start on Thursday but can start on any day you like. So if starting on a Thursday isn’t part of your plan, please call us and we’ll get your adventure ship shape to your dates.


  • $640.00 per day up to four crew members
  • $150.00 per day for additional crew (up to six total)
  • $2,500.00 refundable security deposit
  • 25% nonrefundable booking deposit


  • Must have current CERTIFIED ASA 105/106 and Logbook
  • No pets
  • Skipper liability insurance
  • Minimum one-day charter (return by 11:59 p.m. same day)
  • Maximum seven-day charter
  • Maximum six guests
  • Inspection and delivery 8 a.m.
  • Return by 11:59 p.m. day of return

Optional (as required)

  • Captain for hire
  • ASA instructor for hire
  • First mate for hire