Venere – Private Yacht Charter

2 to 8 Hour Sail | Up to 12 People

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When 6 or less people, prices includes a licensed captain, Chilled wine, beer, soda, snacks and bottled water available. Call us for charters greater than 6 people.


Charter a private yacht for corporate events, birthday parties, proposals, or any special event! We will work with you to customize the trip to your preferences!

If its hands on experience your looking for, get ready because we love it when you do all the work!  And if you need a lesson, thats not a problem, Captain Don will provide.  As a licensed USCG Master and a former US Navy instructor, Captain Don will teach you how to push our 42 foot Catalina to its limits… remember, its all about team work and communication.


Morning Day Sails

Get ready to experience the beautiful blue coastal waters of San Diego. You will be sailing offshore from either Ocean Beach and Point Loma or Mission Beach and Pacific Beach 1-3 miles out if not more depending on your selected adventure.

The San Diego coastline offers spectacular views and of course, you always run the change of seeing our wonderful passage making whale friends and if you’re willing, the captain would love to get you closer.

Afternoon Whale Watching

Ready to be up close to the largest mammals on earth? This adventure takes you from 1 to 10 miles off the coast where blue waters are gorgeous and the views to shore are breathtaking.

We will be sailing to (what the locals call) 9 Mile Bank, also known on the charts as Coronado Escarpment. An Escarpment is a long, steep slope, especially one at the edge of a plateau or separating areas of land at different heights. It’s approximately southwest about 10 miles of the coast. Its plateaus are as high as 85 feet from the surface to 700 feet. It’s known best for the fishing and whale passages.

The species of fish typically caught here are Rock Cod, Bonito, Yellowtail, Skipjack, Yellowfin, Marlin, Swordfish, Shark and various others.

This is a 4 to 5-hour charter covering approximately 7-20 miles depending on the time of year.

Everyone takes turns looking out for spouts, fins, and tails using our supplied binoculars.

Once spotted we do our best, being as respectful to the whales as one can be, to place our vessel in an area where you can observe and take photos. Don’t be surprised if a whale comes over to check us out, whales are very curious animals.

Depending on the season, whales and dolphins that are frequently observed include Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins, Northern Right Whale Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Killer Whales, and Dall’s Porpoise.

Relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze.


There is nothing more wonderful on the water than a sunset. Sharing the days’ end with family, friends or “loved ones” will create the moments that take your breath away.

Our sunset sails are special, join us as we sail into the sun, raise our glasses and toast to the ending of a beautiful day.

Make it your own by planning a special date for a birthday, anniversary, engagement or any special event you would like. Make it remarkable with Gone Sailing!